11 Ways to Cook An Egg

How do you like your eggs in the morning? Just in case you doubt the versatility of our favourite food, here are 11 ways you can cook an egg.


  • Hardboiled, obviously. A classicand reliable method of cooking an egg. Now here's the secret of getting thatperfect soft yolk every time: gently place your egg in boiling water for sevenminutes, after seven minutes carefully remove egg and place into a glass of icecold water for one minute.
  • Fried egg, duh.  You canhave these sunny side up or over easy. Probably the most popular way to cook anegg (don’t quote us).
  • Scrambled eggs, ooh! Also can bedone in a multitude of ways, either by themselves or whisked with milk or milksubstitute for a creamier, fluffier texture.
  • Eggs ah-la Poached. This methodadmittedly takes some finesse, but when mastered, it’s oh so delicious.
  • Omelettes! Got a couple eggs?maybe, have some cheese (vegan or dairy) and some meat and vegetables? Whack'em all in an omelette, for a quick and easy breakfast meal.  
  • We can thank the Italians for oursixth method of cooking eggs. A frittata. Beaten eggs with cheese, vegetablesand or meat cooked slowly and sometimes flipped to cook the other side orplaced in an oven to finish cooking.
  • Shirred eggs. What are shirredeggs you ask? Well, they’re just a fancy way of saying baked. Shirred eggs areeggs baked usually in ramekin dishes.
  • Cloud egg, the more Insta worthymethod of egg preparation. Egg yolk and whites are separated and the whites arewhisked until stiff peaks are formed with the yolk baked and placed in themiddle.
  • Steamed eggs or water eggs are avery popular dish in China. Eggs cooked this way are whisked to omeletteconsistency and steamed.
  • Take a walk on the dark side withus and try a devilled egg. The classic dish has a fiendish name because of howdevilishly good they are. A twist on the hardboiled eggs where the eggs arehalved and yolks are removed and mixed with mayonnaise and other seasonings ofchoice and stuffed back inside the egg.
  • Finally, wanna coddle? Coddledeggs are a gently or lightly cooked egg in water, in or out of its shell or ina container.
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